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Indira Kennedy: presenting a conference keynote
A culture of conscious awareness, steady wisdom and focused action leads to exceptional achievement - with integrity, authenticity and wellness.
But how do you lift a culture?

Welcome to our London-based global learning academy, where we develop people as powerful catalysts for meaningful change and impactful results - with a conscious 21st century view.


Online or face-to-face, a high purpose business wants high performance interwoven with wellbeing. The answer is in learning how to utilise 'conscious leadership'.

A conscious leader asks 3 crucial questions:

  1. Who am I? And how will I actualise my own potential as a wise and steady leader, especially under pressure? (leading self)

  2. How will I engage and develop my team authentically as individuals and still get the results we intend? (leading others)

  3. How do we do business for the greater good and still profit? (leading the culture)

Our clients aim for high-performance and world-class impact. They are unique because they put the planet and people ahead of tasks and they seek to do so with deliberate integrity and authenticity. It is our strategic, transformational approach to:

  • conscious leadership training

  • learning and development

  • diversity and inclusion

  • influencing and coaching

  • emotional and spiritual intelligence

  • mindfulness, wellness and energy management

that lifts an organisation effectively and quite rapidly to the level
it seeks.

As a leader of change and innovation, your personal mastery steps you strongly into the power of your authentic leadership style and engages your team to work in more conscious ways ~ where everyone truly matters and can flourish while fully aligned with your business drivers.

OUR SERVICES We offer bespoke programs that answer your needs:

  • Board and SMT vision and capability

  • strategic planning, organisational development and measurement

  • cultural transformation and integrated learning

  • transition and succession planning

  • influencing, negotiating and advanced communication

  • leadership development workshops and training

  • coaching and mentoring training and support

  • mindfulness and self-empowerment seminars and retreats

OUR MANDATE Conscious Leadership Australia is a strategic development consultancy that transforms cultures by communicating for win-wins and empowering people into wise action ~ consciously.

We stand for integrity and reliability. The intrinsic value of our products lies in their excellence, class, and distinction, providing time-honoured strategic structures and accountability while innovating for world class success. And yes, we are a little bit different.... Contact us

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Programme design
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Companies choosing Indira Kennedy

EY, World Athletics, Bazalgette, John Lewis Partnership, UK Sport, Voice At The Table, Accenture, BBC, HSBC, A&L Goodbody, Action Planning, R.N.I.B, Queen Elizabeth's Foundation, Carers Trust, UK Spa Association, NAB, MLC, Finance Australia, AWB, Australasian Spa Association, MND Victoria, Parkinson's Victoria, Professional Women's Network (Paris), Thomvell (KL), Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust, King's College Hospital, Medway NHS Trust, Homerton NHS Trust

Society needs visionaries of means not dreamers of ends.

When we have the means, the ends will reveal themselves.' David Hawkins M.D.


New E-Book Release!

Still Mind, Wise Heart

The 5 Realities
Conscious Self-Leadership 

by Indira Kennedy

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Indira Kennedy receiving Silver for Leader Of The Year 2023 from Women Changing The World's Peace Mitchell





APRIL 2023




FREE e-book 'Where will I get the energy?' by Indira Kennedy. Learn why the 4Qs are essential to conscious leadership.

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Element 3: Mindfulness

Youtube interview on one of the 8 Elements of self-mastery with Indira Kennedy and
Anil Ramjiani of Live.Breathe.Believe.

Watch here 

Indira Kennedy interviewed on podcast on Mindfulness with Live.Breathe.Believe.


NEW Introducing the 8 Elements transformation program

  • Online learning academies

  • Webinar-based trainings

  • Board and SMT workshops

  • Senior leadership forums

  • Team away-days

  • Leadership development workshops

  • Coaching and mentoring training

  • Influencing skills training

  • Mindfulness training

  • Leadership round tables

  • Mastermind communities

  • Leadership immersion retreats

  • Wellbeing programs

Indira Kennedy's book contents "Gorgeous All Over - a daily guide for women with spirit'

Buy The Book

'Gorgeous All Over ~ a daily guide for women with spirit' by Indira Kennedy

How to create the fulfilling, abundant life you seek using your feminine power as a leading woman

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‘Mentoring support is a key factor in the successful development of coaches and leaders on UK Sport programmes.
To see this support being rolled out right across the organisation for all staff underpins our commitment to excellence.’

Senior manager, UK Sport

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Indira Kennedy, Director, B.Ed, ICF ACC

Mobile: +44 (0)794 6319 516 United Kingdom

Certified executive coach with ICF and IECL


CLA champions women's equality by supporting Her Spirit UK, and PRASAD Australia's work to improve the health and wellbeing of women and families in the Tansa Valley, India



Women In Global Business
WEConnect (self-registered)

Professional Women's Network (London)

International Coach Federation

PRASAD Australia

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