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Define your destiny. Your way.

Are you one of the many women who still struggles to know if you are really getting anywhere and able to say confidently, 'I am succeeding'? Are you getting there your way? Knowing what to do to get where you want to go, your way, means having the right skills to solve your 'destiny dilemma'.

Lynn McMahon, an MD with Accenture, defines her own success as, 'Being at peace in the moment and maintaining a long term perspective'.

DEFINING SUCCESS Last year I presented a workshop to a women's network in Paris and we explored both of these themes as a way of succeeding ~ without selling your soul.

Being at peace in the moment We looked at our four main intelligences as signatures of our preferred way of working and what we want in our lives to cultivate and maintain a state of inner peace. We then looked at how to use this inner calm as a solid foundation from which to envision goals for the future. This was so energising I couldn't stop them talking.

The present moment is where your power lies. So this moment is when you need to establish your inner core and use it to calmly envision your future.

Try this. Define one thing that would change your life right now in each of these areas:

PQ - what change to your physical world or your own physique would uplift your life right now?

EQ - what change to your emotional life, inner and outer, would uplift your success?

IQ - what change to your intellect or knowledge would shift things for the better?

SQ - what change to your spiritual life, inner and outer, would uplift your inner world right now?


How hard is it for you to take a long-term perspective?

A woman recently said to me she was lost in the automation of life - packing school lunches, dropping off the kids, work and dinner, some time to unwind with her partner and off to bed to start all over again. She holds a very senior position in a large company so she could provide a better life for herself and her family but she had lost a sense of satisfaction and meaning. It wasn't giving her what her soul wanted - that was her 'destiny dilemma'....

Try answering this question for yourself: What is your current 'destiny dilemma'?

Explore it deeply. Keep asking the question until the REAL dilemma surfaces. Then spend some time with your coach or mentor to explore what your answer may be to solving it.

In Paris, women quickly came up with these solutions to their inner peace:

PQ - Less travel time, more order, clear desk, nature, sun, quiet work space, more face en face, light, more space, more intimacy with colleagues, love our bodies

EQ - Breath, listening – present, open to variety/diversity of opinion, non-judgemental, blame-free, guilt-free, trust your inner voice and intuition, inside to outside

IQ - positive thinking brings a solution, trust own answers – confidence, awareness – choice – beliefs, creativity, artistry, learning

SQ - aligned with values, face criticism - have no reaction, self-esteem, service to others – ‘know’, meditate, soften, Truth – feels right, feels good, harmony, happiness

Many women said they relished having the time to question their destiny. Where were they really heading? What was in the way?

Their Destiny Dilemmas were various:

Long term view, the bigger picture

Building your life – meaning and purpose

You can overcome it – find the solution

Identify the problem – awareness

I know I should but I just have to…

Do I really need to question this?

Their solutions all revolved around one core essential: VALUES

When we discussed the role of our values in success and living the destiny we choose, the answer was they give guidance and structure, they provide us with our vision, and construct a mirror from which we access and utilise our WISDOM.

Define your destiny by defining success. Start creating a way to cultivate 'Being at peace in the moment and maintaining a long term perspective' by exploring change through your multiple intelligences. Then discover what your 'destiny dilemma' really is and begin to find your solutions.

You will have your own definition of success and a vision of your own destiny - and its dilemmas. I am happy to run this workshop for you and to provide mentoring and coaching on your personal goals to help define your success as a sign-post to your destiny.

Indira Kennedy


Conscious Leadership Australia

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