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Conscious Leadership For Women


Women have a strong spirit, unshakeably wise and deeply intuitive, yet common leadership training doesn’t make room for these essential skills. The result is both sides miss out – you as an authentic leader and those who follow your lead.

Spiritual intelligence gives you deep trust in your inner guidance; creates strength, zest and charisma; improves your relationships; opens your vision to creative solutions; fosters clarity and equality; all from the heart.

If you feel stuck and unfulfilled, know your soul is calling you to be your self.How do you coach 'consciousness'? We want to live our best, using all the 'feminine' soft skills we have developed as expressions of our uppermost values. These values link directly into our source, our conscious self that is directing us through our passions and our desire to serve our 'calling'.


Are we an anomaly or an absolute necessity? I once saw Liz Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, speak live. She talked of her ambition, even as a young child, to be totally great. NOT competitive - she had no need to 'beat' anyone or change the world - just great.

I awoke next morning with my own ambition wide awake once more and full of delicious free flowing energy.

Let's be ambitious - it's our soul purpose driving us to our greatness! No more hiding behind false modesty....


Beneath most of the dilemmas executive women tell me they face as their coach, is the feeling they must choose between love and money. Exploring together your desires inspired by your Conscious Self - where your wisdom and values lie close to your heart - allows you to be more conscious of your purpose and plan to have the outcomes you desire with faith and perseverance. You can have love AND money, AND a purposeful career.

Your path is assured with conscious coaching, a mindful ritual and acting with certainty.

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