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How Do You Coach For Consciousness?

Someone asked, 'What is "consciousness"?' The dictionary says quite simply 'awareness'. Plato says, 'Awareness of awareness.'

When you are aware of being aware you are in touch with your pure authentic Self who is always the witness of your existence, physical and eternal. Practice being aware of when you are aware. What is your experience?

How do you coach 'consciousness'? We want to live our best, using all the 'feminine' soft skills we have developed as expressions of our uppermost values. These values link directly into our source, our conscious Self that is directing us through our passions and our desire to serve our 'calling'.

Coaching for consciousness focuses on heeding the call by supporting deeper trust in your intuition, insights, inner voice, your desire for meaning, your drive to support others' growth.

Then you can lead yourself and others in steady wisdom.

BE A WAY-SHOWER 'He who knows the country tells the direction to him who asks the way.' Rig Veda.

A Conscious leader will help others explore through their coaching conversations. It is essential that the personal experience of the leader is palpable within their own presence. This means the coaching leader has done the inner work and continues to practice self-reflection.

A Conscious leader demonstrates these three things:

WHY: Going within is the process by which higher stages of human development and states of human experience are attained.

HOW: Be aware of your own processes for going within and the experiences they bring. Explore the meaning for you and your life.

WHAT: Then share your insights and knowledge with others who seek to know their inner Self. Teach them how to navigate the territory.

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