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It's Not Balance We Need - It's Harmony....

Almost every coaching session I have done has pointed at a deep, painful need that is usually described as 'work-life balance'. The problem is this implies that somehow we are juggling the proportion of time or energy or focus we can give to all the various aspects of our life, including work. It isn't possible.

What we need is to find a way to create harmony and it is made up of three key items:

  1. Purpose

  2. Personality

  3. Desires

If you work to unify these three things you will find harmony - rather than a teetering balance that could tip at any moment with the slightest change.

Anything we do in L&D or organisational change is actually trying to unify these aspects too. If you want to help yourself and others, simplify the problem down to the way purpose, personality or natural temperament, and desires are interacting.

Describe what they are and how they contribute to each other. Adjust where needed, especially if there is a values conflict in amongst them. Set the vision for all 3 then aim to keep that wonderful, calm inner feeling of harmony that comes when they form one unified field.

Knowing this could change the way you look at your next role.

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