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Creating Conscious Presence

Listening to world women speakers at the Women Economic Forum last year it struck me that leadership is too general as a term.

Replace the word 'leadership' with 'influence' and you get to the real definition. So let's start talking about 'women in influencing roles' rather than leadership roles. Leadership is influence....


Women need a personal presence that comes from their own essence. A power that influences rather than demands, and deep self-assurance that they trust at their core - so much so they are flexible and loving even in moments of uncertainty.

This presence is not reserved purely for women, we need men to embrace their own inner power as their true presence and lead from that inner stance. That is 'conscious leadership'.

So how do you create a Conscious presence?

Here is a beautiful process utilising the Five States of Conscious Leadership.


Engage all of your senses when you are present. Ensure your external appearance engages others' sense to give the best impression of who you are as your authentic self.


Allow space to let your own thoughts bring your wisdom to the surface. Allow space for others to be heard. Be in the right physical space.


Allow yourself to sit in silence frequently. Allow your mind to be silent as others speak. Be comfortable with silence.


Cultivate a sense of stillness within yourself. Allow stillness when others need your presence. Create an atmosphere of stillness.


Watch with your inner eye. Be observant. Notice all of the above states of presence and adjust them to be more supportive and authentic.

This process is taught as part of the Conscious Coaching training we offer through the Academy. It is a highly effective way of ensuring that authentic presence is created from the inside out and is a true reflection of our wisdom and our best attributes.

It is used to change cultures and foster deep Conscious leadership.

Contact us here to chat about how we can help you create Conscious leadership through the Five States of Conscious Leadership.

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