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About Conscious Leadership

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Greatness lies within all of us and can be lived.​ Leadership is an attitude and can be learned. ​A conscious leader's job is to put love into action.

We provide you with exquisite tools that elegantly reveal the masterful leader within your own being.

Bring your personal power to a learning and development strategy that transforms your culture.


Your journey to conscious leadership and personal fulfillment as a visionary is supported by world-class training and 30 years of personal experience studying and living self-mastery.

​About Indira Kennedy
Founder and Director

Indira was one of the first to speak about 'conscious' leadership. She is a leading development consultant,
trained facilitator and speaker, and certified executive
coach dedicated to global social transformation through self-directed leadership.

Effective action is always Indira's goal. She has led national teams, created and coordinated a corporate publishing department, held senior management roles in an elite sporting agency and two non-profits, founded her own business, and given countless hours to voluntary work. In support of women's empowerment Indira co-founded a women's business network, developed an after school hours program and has authored a personal development book. 


Embracing the intellectual, Indira graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) majoring in psychology, and studied dance therapy with Marcia Leventhal, of New York. She is a trained fundraising consultant, developing relationship strategies for not-for-profit organisations, and raising millions of dollars for vital services. Her current study is in psycho-spiritual neurology.​​

Never one to shirk adventure to explore more of who she is
at her core, Indira has meditated in ashrams, fire-walked with Anthony Robbins, trained in esoteric healing, studied astrology to diploma level, and art in Italy. She has devoted more than 30 years to living the practices of yoga as a powerful self-development system.​

Indira is a highly experienced teacher, facilitator and speaker.

Conscious Leadership Australia is a self-registered member of WEConnect, and supports women and children in the Tansa Valley, India through PRASAD Australia.


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​'Indira’s ability to communicate and connect with an audience is a rare gift.’​​
​​Tim Kaiser, Senior Consultant, Alchimie​


'From the first word your presence on stage and your obvious depth of knowledge had thoughts firing in my head about how I can improve myself, my business and the community around me. It was one of the most inspiring and motivational talks I have heard in years.

Charles Davidson, Founder and Director,
Peninsula Hot Springs, Rye, Victoria, Australia

Indira Kennedy

+44 (0)794 6319 516 London, United Kingdom


Indira speaks and educates internationally on:

  • developing conscious organisations and leadership

  • overcoming the dilemmas women face in leadership

  • using business for greater social impact and value

Why 'conscious leadership'?​

Leaders of great organisations go beyond 'good' and look to the next level in values-driven innovation, with a strong culture of people power behind it. They take a long-term view to create fulfilment for those dedicated to the brand and its growing contribution to global evolution. In short, they are a visionary leader on a path to greater consciousness, bringing others with them.


Your capacity for sustainable excellence means you must go beyond good time management and basic communication skills - your potential is so much more. Conscious leadership development draws on your multiple intelligences to advance skills that reflect your true self:

PQ  well-being, self-care, body awareness, energy regulation

EQ  self-awareness, empathy, communication, relationship

IQ   mindfulness, focus, neurology, deceptive brain messages

SQ  heart-centred wisdom, values, vision, social contribution

The brain, the mind and your core Self are not one and the same. The neuroplasticity of the brain means you can dissolve old habits. A focused, attentive mind allows you to assess clearly what is needed. Who you are at your core leads with wisdom when you make the right effort towards healthier, more fulfilling paths to success.


See the Conscious Leadership page for program details and the conscious leader's pathway.

​Contact Indira Kennedy for more information.

The new leadership mindset

To be an advanced leader you need the right mindfulness practices to ensure the brain, mind and inner Self can work together in harmony. We provide you with a powerful array
of personal practices to build self-directed high performance, foster well-being and achieve your vision.


See the The Eight Elements and Resources pages for more details.

​How we started

​'Lovely building, lousy culture.' The manager of a large business banking centre in Melbourne, Australia called on Indira's skills to improve staff behaviours and lift engagement at work. The 'Conscious Leadership' program created in response shaped a healthier, coaching culture. It became our new trading name in 2003. We expanded to have a global reach as Conscious Leadership Australia in 2013.

Now, 'conscious leadership' is a globally recognised term for advanced skills in emotional and spiritual intelligence or 'psychospiritual' approaches to 21st century leadership.

It is an exciting time as we embrace ancient knowledge and solid scientific evidence to bring meaningful change and innovation - beginning with the support now needed by today's challenged leaders.

Your greatest actions will come from
a still mind and a wise heart

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