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Women wanting to work and live consciously

Women in Leadership

Create a conscious culture of equality and inclusion for women in leadership with our development and mentoring programs.


Prepare for leadership as a woman with advanced skills in multiple intelligences and
a solid plan for career development.


As a conscious woman your empowerment springs from intuitive mindfulness and
heart-felt communication. It's a must!


Discover, deepen and depend on your unique feminine power and presence.

Conscious women in leadership ~ the pathway

Women's leadership development programs

Unleash women's incredible resources and create a culture of equality and inclusion in your organisation through conscious leadership principles and practices.


The following areas are suggestions and are readily made bespoke to the needs of women in leadership:

  • The Power of a Woman ~ self-awareness and presence

  • Dissolving the Destiny Dilemma

  • Realisation sessions

  • Conscious Communication

  • Conscious women's retreats

  • Mentoring and executive coaching

Serves: aspiring women leaders and their leaders, mentors, HR leaders, women's agencies, community groups

Development areas

Engage us to progress your female talent, addressing:

  • emerging women leaders

  • diversity and inclusion

  • high performance

  • transitioning roles

  • succession planning

  • leadership development

  • career development

  • networks and mentoring


Our way of working has an essential end-goal of creating a personal conscious self-leadership routine that allows you to:

  • lead with confidence and presence

  • be your own trusted adviser

  • bring your very best to others

  • communicate your truth

  • be authentic, empowered and energised

  • have it all ~ success, health, wealth and happiness.

To make sustained change beyond the programs you are supported by mentoring and coaching.

SQ21 spiritual intelligence diagnostic 

Measure your conscious capacities based on 21 essential criteria to give you a unique picture of your spiritual intelligence and opportunities for further growth.

  • SQ21 diagnostic report and debrief

Women's programs

The Power of a Woman

Find your essential, conscious presence. Develop greater emotional intelligence, self-awareness and self-leadership skills to express your authentic feminine power and lead others ~ without selling your soul. See details on the Eight Elements page.

Dissolving the Destiny Dilemma

Explore current obstacles to equality and career progression for women, and develop a plan to confidently meet individual work-life needs and the right support required to succeed. 

Realisation sessions

Explore the obstacles to realising your vision. Shape your purpose, ambitions, lifestyle and career by tapping into your signature strengths and skills in these one-to-one sessions.

Conscious Communication

Discover your truth and decide how to express it authentically using the language of a leader. Give and receive constructive feedback. Create a culture of conscious communication that honours feelings and the value of the intuitive as well as the rational.

Conscious women's retreats

As a woman you long to live and lead through your innate feminine power. Balancing wisdom with ambition, career goals with private life, drive with self-care, takes constant vigilance and mindful practice - daily. Time and money is saved when you have an effective routine. You thrive when that routine is true to who you are.

Dive in deep. Include a wellbeing retreat to empower a sustainable corporate culture for women. See the Retreats page for more information.

​Mentoring and executive coaching

Conscious Leadership Australia will assist you to install a tailored mentoring program within your company's culture to profit from the intelligence held by your seasoned and emerging women leaders.

Programs can be designed to measure results to assess the impact on your cultural change and women's progress.

See the Executive Coaching and Mentoring page for more information.

Contact Indira Kennedy for further information.

'Attending Indira's conscious leadership course could not have come at a better time for me. The day helped me through some tricky negotiations and without that day I fear that I would be in a different position now. I learnt two valuable insights that day and am looking to train more with Indira and see what else I can learn and share with others. '

Katie Waggott, Director, Beautymill

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