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Our Academy and Services

​Cultural Transformation in C21


The academy offers advanced development for leaders and entrepreneurs. Engage us to design and implement your strategic vision for people development and a more conscious culture - online and offline.


Organisational learning and development related to:


Leading others

Social impact for entrepreneurs and business

Women in leadership

Executive coaching

Training and mentoring

Wellbeing and retreats

We will help you to:

  • strategise your ideal culture

  • measure your current success factors

  • diagnose your people's motivations and potential

  • create the learning and development frameworks needed to embed the latest principles

  • develop leadership for expansion and growth

  • advance women in leadership

  • provide executive coaching support

  • train in coaching conversations and mentoring skills

  • provide wellbeing and mental health initiatives.

The look and feel of your culture relies not only on your brand but the energy and influence of your people. People are the culture. The old regime of command and control no longer works. So what do you do instead as a future-leading organisation or entrepreneurial business?​

Equality is a cherished value and is expressed through diverse and inclusive thinking and actions. ​

Organisational learning and development

Learning on the job with a 70-20-10 approach is a proven way to apply a growth mindset and become a true learning organisation. We tailor programs to suit online and face-to-face development.

Set up your complete L&D framework or focus on a specific area of need. Developed and proven in financial services, elite sport, and the non-profit sector, Conscious Leadership development programs are fully tailored to meet your learning goals, supported by expert mentoring and executive coaching services. ​

Our programs: 

  • guide your people's inner journey to greater self-awareness

  • equip managers for more impactful team leadership

  • refine levels of influence through more conscious communication

  • develop engaged, energetic teams

  • elevate your vision and perspective for positive organisational and global impact

Conscious leadership

The Conscious Leadership development pathway includes a variety of portals to conscious leadership mastery for leaders and teams, and answers three critical questions:

1. How do I elegantly manage my self?

2. How do I communicate for influence and collaboration?

3. How do I make a difference through my/our actions?

Conscious leadership programs cater to senior executives in the C-suite, corporate leaders and teams, entrepreneurs, women in leadership, and future leaders.​

Management Essentials training programme

Bring your managers up to speed by understanding people and how to bring out their best in sustainable ways.

Conscious leadership for teams

Engage your teams fully and unleash the spirit of your team by integrating each individual's self-leadership into a powerful, harmonious whole through our team development programs and mentoring. 


Assess your team members' motivations and sensory preferences for greater self-awareness and team cohesion.

See more at the Conscious Leadership page

Conscious self-leadership

Expand your social impact and personal success as a leader by deepening your core self-leadership. Take this powerful knowledge to your teams, creating a conscious culture based on authenticity and multiple intelligences. Unleash creativity, energy and enthusiasm - succeed!​​

The 8 Elements Transformation Programs release your power and provide a set of practical skills to enhance Conscious leadership as a personal ritual for self-mastery.

See more at:

the Self-leadership page and

the 8 Elements page

Social impact

Create sustainable global impact through your mission to uplift the planet and all upon it. Explore your intentions and create your impact statement with our Love In Action program for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

See more at the Executive Events and Retreats page

Women in leadership

Advance women's equal place in leadership with conviction and care, building presence, confidence and resilience.

We help to develop women who are aspiring to their next leadership position in business and want to drive their own career path forward. We offer bespoke programs and executive coaching to develop influence and essential conscious presence.

See more at the Women In Leadership page

Executive coaching

Indira Kennedy is a qualified and highly experienced executive coach who can provide one-to-one support to your leaders and team members for more effective change transitioning. In training programs she provides executive mentoring on performance.

See more at the Executive Coaching and Mentoring page

Coaching and mentoring training

Just by changing your conversation you can change results.... Learn advanced mentoring and executive coaching skills to empower your people into greater engagement, well-being and effectiveness in an ever-changing work world.

See more at the Coaching and Mentoring Training page

Wellbeing programs and retreats

Expand your mental health offering to include leadership well-being. Ensure your leaders manage their own well-being and that of their teams in conscious, sustainable ways.


Leadership retreats and away-days

Immerse yourself in the safety and serenity of a retreat setting to explore, experience and embed more conscious beliefs and behaviours for greater self-leadership and sustainable wellbeing.

See more at the Executive Events and Retreats page

Conscious Leadership Services Icon


Facilitation, training and coaching in advanced self-leadership and conscious communication skills in:


Emotional Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence

Values alignment

Realising Potential

The Eight Elements


Transformative leadership

First 100 Days of leadership

Conscious Communication

70-20-10 impact learning

Millennium Mastermind

Conscious Teams


Love In Action

Parenting and Purpose 

Women in leadership Services Icon


Bring women fully into the career path they are destined to fulfill with individual coaching and innovative programs such as:


Essential Presence

The Power of a Woman

The Destiny Dilemma

Realisation sessions

Parenting and purpose

​​Conscious Communication

Conscious women's retreats


Executive Coaching Services Icon


Free yourself and your team to bring full potential to your challenges and goals.

The container of the coaching relationship allows private, intensified reflection in the presence of a trusted, impartial counterpart.

Mentoring provides longer term development so transitions achieve desired outcomes.



Training and facilitation in
leading conscious conversations through executive coaching
and mentoring tools

​Foundation, Advanced and Intensive levels

Individual Executive coaching assignments to embed new behaviours into successful action​​



Coaching and mentoring Services
Well-being programs and retreats Service Icon

Unleash hidden talents, restore and refresh while deepening access to the wisdom within

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