Welcome to The Veda Lounge.

Take an active pause in your day to find the leader within once again - innovation and intuition count.

Slow down and allow insight to emerge.


'Veda' means 'wisdom', based on natural morality and the laws of cause and effect. Many of today's leadership tools spring from eastern mindfulness practices and are included in what we offer you in The Veda Lounge.


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Mindfulness Hub

Welcome to the Mindfulness Hub....


'Mindfulness' elevates conscious self-awareness and reveals deep wisdom, based on natural morality and the laws of cause and effect.


The best of modern leadership skills draw on simple, mindful practices that reveal innate knowledge and inspire altrusitic action.


Dive into the Eight Elements of conscious leadership below to discover your personal power and master your purpose as a leader.


The Mindfulness Hub brings vision and value
Lead a C21 attitude in your workplace

As a leader of awakened thinking and enlightened action in C21 you need a unique way of being. Welcome us into your world and master the skills needed to release your ingenuity and innovation for the greater good.


Creativity and innovation come from your ability to explore and reflect with depth and courage. They are among the outcomes of a highly conscious leader who develops strong self-leadership skills.


Your power is found in a reflective workplace where you can immerse yourself and your staff in exquisite creative and intuitive processes. Well-being, wisdom and ways forward into meaningful engagement at work are yours when you pause to reflect, reconnect with your inner knowing, rejuvenate, and inspire committed action.


The Eight Elements of Conscious Leadership


  • Visualise your outcome

  • Set your intention

  • Be steadily mindful

  • Energise yourself

  • Contemplate your ideas

  • Journal your insights

  • Attune to your inner wisdom

  • Meditate on your Self


Conscious Leadership Australia supports your leadership mastery through our executive coaching programs.

Essential conscious leadership skills

Forget the journey ahead for a moment. Rest and reignite your mind; breathe and refocus, refresh and find your unique answers to your current challenge. Allow your intuition to speak. When you set off on the leadership journey once again you will have new clarity and abundant energy to reach your destination.


Embracing the Eight Elements

Practice each of the Eight Elements of conscious leadership as essentials for your personal tool kit and create a new way of being with powerful results.


Click on the images below to read case studies on the deep benefits of the Eight Elements




The conscious leadership journey brings knowledge of your Self



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Rest, refresh, rejuvenate, reflect, re-engage, recommit, rejoice​

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