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Gorgeous All Over 

​A daily guide for women with spirit

Live your authentic abundant life as a conscious woman. A wealth of life-changing spiritual secrets and practices await you in Indira's beautiful book that will give you the spiritual lifestyle you long for - every day.

'Gorgeous All Over ~ a daily guide for women with spirit'. ​PURCHASE NOW!​

GB £19.50

AUD $30.00

New E-Book Release!

Still Mind, Wise Heart
The 5 Realities
Conscious Self-Leadership 


by Indira Kennedy
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160 pages, complete edition

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Did you know you have 5 Realities from which to live and lead?
5 Realities that provide you with the full power of your unique, Conscious Self?

When you bring this power into your life you are transformed
and your mind can accept the wise, creative energy of the heart. Your energy is ignited into meaningful action that was once only in your imagining.

You put Love into action.

We are the fabric of Love. 
When we come to know this, through carefully selected practices, we soon realise we are something far greater than we first were led to believe. 

We transform our view of ourselves as leaders in that moment.
We move to fulfil our true life's purpose.
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