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Self-Mastery At Work
Self-Mastery At Home

Elevate your own Consciousness. Perform at your personal best.


Gain insight into your unique power, handle emotions with detachment and wisdom, be self-directing, adopt simple practices for greater impact, regain your mastery, create a reliable routine for personal management and growth.

Build Mindfulness and Wellbeing - online and offline

Engage us for masterclasses, workshops and programs that introduce new and better perspectives, bringing together knowledge from both science and the wisdom traditions. These topics incorporate information, models, practices and action plans to provide a powerful new understanding and self-awareness.

Masterclasses - online and offline

Create a solid inner foundation for conscious leadership. Choose from amongst these core topics. We can also create a bespoke offering for you.


  • Tackling the Inner Critic

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Happy - for no good reason

  • Lost For Words - understanding the mind-emotion connection

  • Essential Presence

  • The 8 Elements of Self-mastery

  • Where Will I Get The Energy?

  • Realising Potential


Flourishing with the Four Qs

Grow your skills to better manage your vitality and focus in all four intelligences. Develop your multiple intelligences to get the edge:

PQ   well-being, self-care, body awareness, energy regulation

EQ   self-awareness, empathy, communication, relationship

IQ    mindfulness, focus, neurology, deceptive brain messages

SQ   heart-centred wisdom, values, vision, social contribution

Conscious Self-leadership Programmes

Our 8-portal path to conscious self-leadership includes:

  1. finding balance and harmony

  2. increasing vitality

  3. increasing emotional intelligence​

  4. improving mind power and self-talk

  5. communicating as a conscious leader

  6. developing influence and presence

  7. visioning and creativity

  8. applying conscious leadership

Create your own Conscious ritual of daily practices and choices that give you the elevated way of life you desire.

Here you will find energy boosters, meditations, recipes, exercises and self-assessment quizzes to help you get to know your Self at the core of your being.

The 8 Elements Transformation Programs 

Adopt the practices that will make you a conscious leader when you create a daily routine that enables you to clearly envision, illuminate, and create your expansion into successful growth and change with the 8 Elements.​

We teach you powerful experiential skills drawing on self-awareness, neuropsychology, Spiral Dynamics, visualisation, creativity, intuition, and eastern mindfulness tools as a way to access your purposeful vision and the value you are here to create.​​

(See the 8 Elements page for details)

Who Am I?

Take this assessment to discover more about your natural personality and needs, your spiritual development and levels of Consciousness.

SQ21 spiritual intelligence diagnostic 

Measure your conscious capacities based on 21 essential criteria to give you a unique picture of your spiritual intelligence and opportunities for further growth.

  • SQ21 diagnostic report and debrief


Contact Indira to book your online assessment now

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