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 Indira Kennedy provides mentoring as well as executive coaching - image of woman being mentored

Executive Coaching and Mentoring 

Executive mentoring and coaching supports leaders into new goals, plans and behaviours based on advanced emotional intelligence skills and tools.

The power of the conscious
coaching relationship

Engage Indira Kennedy to coach you through your work and life transitions. Your challenges as a leader deserve wise consideration. Your actions require skilled support as you introduce new behaviours and strategies into your own working methods and take change to your team.

Executive coaching gives you clear vision, values-based goals, powerful plans and authentic behaviours based on advanced emotional intelligence skills and tools.


  • Boost your performance, gain clarity and execute elegantly with a personalised executive coaching program.

  • Take time to reflect, review your values and plan as a visionary-actionary.

  • Learn advanced skills and tools to deepen your self-awareness and elevate your effectiveness as a conscious leader. Improve your communication skills. 

  • Find your true self through self-mastery.


Short-term coaching engagements 

  • 6 x sessions of 60 mins duration over three months

  • Direct email reporting and responses to your reflections


Eight Elements self-mastery coaching engagements

  • 10 x sessions of 60 mins duration over four months

  • Direct email reporting and responses to your reflections

See more about The Eight Elements or contact Indira Kennedy for further information.

SQ21 Spiritual intelligence diagnostic 

Indira uses the SQ21 diagnostic to measure your progress in advancing your emotional and spiritual intelligence. Measure your conscious capacities based on 21 essential criteria to give you a unique picture of your spiritual intelligence and opportunities for further growth.

  • SQ21 diagnostic report and debrief

  • Direct email reporting and responses to your reflections

Contact Indira Kennedy for further information.

What is SQ?


a new level of interior awareness


a much larger
'other' awareness



keeping Higher Self in charge



living up to the traits and
behaviours of
spiritual exemplars

‘I sought Indira as an Executive Coach for one of the senior business bankers who was generally very stressed and didn’t seem to be operating at full potential. He had a set of coaching sessions with Indira and in a matter of months is now one of my top performing bankers.

Bruce Hall, Area Manager,
NAB Camberwell Business Banking Centre

‘Indira initially worked with identifying my work values and helped me generate a broad executive plan. Indira helped me manage a difficult situation, helped me maintain balance and clarity, and helped me communicate in a respectful and values-based way.

Bill Bennett, State Manager
Motor Neurone Disease Association of Western Australia

Mentoring in visionary leadership


Mentoring helps you create your recipe for success and your own presence as a conscious leader. Learn how to lead consciously, with high levels of emotional and spiritual intelligence so you can strategically navigate your business life with elegance and grace in the eye of the storm.


  • Elevate your Consciousness - learn self-mastery skills

  • Create real value - apply your insights as real-time practice in the workplace using the 70-20-10 approach

  • Choose your game - choose your own issues and outcomes as content 

  • Know where you are going - set the goal within a flexible structure to allow you freedom to grow over time

  • Be the change you seek - develop the qualities you value

  • Know the difference - measure and adjust your progress

  • Make lasting change - give regular time over time to powerfully support profound and lasting change

  • Secure a trusted advisor - refer to your mentor as a skilful sounding board and honest adviser along the path

Contact Indira Kennedy for further information.

About your mentor and coach
Head shot of Indira Kennedy

Indira Kennedy has followed a conscious path for 30 years, learning from numerous masters of personal development (eastern and western), teaching her own students mindfulness practices and supporting them through private sessions.

Certified as an executive coach and an ACC accredited member with the International Coach Federation, Indira brings her rare experitse in spiritual intelligence to her mentoring and coaching.


Indira has 15 years experience in the corporate, business and non-profit sectors, coaching leaders into greater self-reliance and success. She has 28 years experience in personal development coaching. 

She is known for her insightful and energising approach to Executive coaching, believing in the innate power within each of us that is waiting to be realised beyond pure potential.

Contact Indira Kennedy for further information.

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