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Indira KIndira Kennedy presenting a conference keynote on Conscious Leadership

Conscious Leadership


Create a conscious culture through
high-performance executive development training, coaching and mentoring


Find your authentic leadership style

Become a visionary leader of C21 solutions and a member of our global impact group.

Becoming a conscious leader

Your natural talent is for excellence and innovation, you just need to have the perfect environment to flourish. Our expertise is based on deep personal practice and 25 years of industry experience in the specific skills and principles that ensure a conscious culture by developing conscious leadership and team performance.


We offer strategic programs that:

  • Create a strong vision and robust organisational strategy

  • Uplift your workplace culture and communication

  • Develop elegant, highly influential leaders

  • Create greater team engagement and collaboration

  • Take a 70-20-10 approach to learning and development

  • Take a coaching approach to high performance

  • Put people first by transforming your PDP process

  • Embrace diversity and inclusion as a workable goal



Gain insight into your unique power, handle emotions with detachment and wisdom, be self-directing, adopt simple practices for greater impact, regain your mastery, create a reliable routine for personal management and growth.

First 100 Days of Leadership

Transitioning into a leadership role in a new organisation or stepping up into leadership for the first time brings its challenges - often quite emotional ones. A program for new leaders, no matter their age, prior experience or position, provides time to explore aspirations, methods, values, styles and personal needs. One-to-one coaching and mentoring is provided for the first 100 days to ensure a smooth and efficient transition into new leadership positions.

Develop your multiple intelligences to get the edge:

PQ   well-being, self-care, body awareness, energy regulation

EQ   self-awareness, empathy, communication, relationship

IQ    mindfulness, focus, neurology, deceptive brain messages

SQ   heart-centred wisdom, values, vision, social contribution

Leading others

Your leadership demands shift according to the conditions around you and the challenges of forced change, especially in your teams when promotions and successions are underway.

Team Talent Programme

Embed impactful learning frameworks for sustainable team development and energy management through bespoke processes and away-days.


Our Team Talent programme:

  • Builds trust

  • Fosters positive relationships

  • Develops success through learning

  • Deepens team engagement and motivation

  • Lifts energy, culture and wellbeing

  • Saves time and energy sustainably

  • Creates greater influence and presence


Our 8-portal path to conscious teams includes:​

  1. culture and ecology

  2. team energy

  3. positive relationships

  4. conscious communication and coaching conversations

  5. impactful learning 70-20-10

  6. leading stakeholders

  7. vision and synergy

  8. high-purpose action​

Serves: teams at all levels of the organisation


Some topics for potential workshops are:

The Conscious Leader's Journey

  • Conscious Leadership ~ self-awareness, your SQ 

  • Manage mindfulness with the Eight Elements 

  • Sustain self-mastery and energy management 

​Serves: emerging and experienced team leaders, coaches, mentors, HR leaders, aspiring visionaries

EQ - Unlocking Your Secret Weapon at Work

Emotional intelligence or EQ is the essential ingredient in any mature relationship. EQ is becoming increasingly vital to humans’ success in the increasingly digital future of work. It was ranked sixth in the World Economic Forum’s list of the top 10 skills that employees will need to possess to thrive in the workplace of the future. 

Find out what the 5 elements are that comprise Emotional Intelligence and learn how you can increase your EQ and, by doing so, improve the chances of your success. 

Millennium MasterMinds

For the awake and aware emerging leaders of the near-future. Gather together to share viewpoints, challenges and aspirations for your development and making a positive impact on the world. 

Leadership development

Put your self-mastery to work by leading more conscious activity and higher-value results while protecting wellbeing and the desired work culture.

  • senior leadership forums

  • development and career planning

  • communication skills

  • delegation, responsibility and accountability

Serves: new and emerging leaders, executive leaders​

Influencing and negotiation skills training

  • How to influence for a win-win with integrity

  • How to negotiate the terms of a valuable relationship

Serves: high-risk operators, senior leaders, aspiring directors

The language of a leader

  • Discover your truth 

  • Express your truth ~ the language of a leader 

  • Give constructive feedback

  • Create a culture of conscious communication

Serves: team leaders, team members, coaches, mentors, business owners, trainers, facilitators

Coach-the-coach training

  • Foundation GROW-model 

  • Advanced coaching skills

  • Intensive group coaching 

Mentoring training

  • How to be an effective mentor 

  • How to be an effective mentee 

Entrepreneurial leadership

You aspire to be a visionary-actionary for positive global social impact in C21 and beyond. To set the path for others and take your organisation to more conscious heights, you will need a major mindset shift and deep transformational skills you can rely on for life - no matter how challenging.

Two focuses of a Conscious leader:

  1. Self-leadership development

  2. Service through social impact


The 8 Elements Transformation Programs

Adopt the practices that will make you a conscious leader when you create a daily routine that enables you to clearly envision, illuminate, and create your expansion into successful growth and change with the 8 Elements.​

We teach you powerful experiential skills drawing on self-awareness, neuropsychology, Spiral Dynamics, visualisation, creativity, intuition, and eastern mindfulness tools as a way to access your purposeful vision and the value you are here to create.​​

(See the 8 Elements page for details)


Visioning for global impact
Love In Action Program

Gain clearer sense of purpose and vision, evolve your own growth, find greater meaning in life, regain your mastery, contribute to higher conversations on greater world issues, have a strategy for your business impact on world change.


The 'Love In Action' program consists of three modules:

  1. Visioning for Value

  2. MasterMind Roundtable 

  3. Effective global engagement

Serves: aspiring visionaries, C-suite leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, government agencies, community leaders

On completion of this program you will:

  • have spiritual intelligence skills needed to transform your own conscious leadership

  • know how to use the 8 Elements for self-mastery

  • have a clear strategy to effectively implement your own global impact program so you can put your love in action

  • be a member of a like-minded group of visionaries determined to make positive global impact through their businesses.

There are three modules in this program. You can choose individual components within the program to tailor your visionary pathway and social investment decisions.


1. 'Visioning for Value' provides a deep system of insight and practice to educate the mind and body into new ways of harnessing intelligence on all levels of your being for future growth as thought-leaders of empowerment, innovation and social justice. This is a reflective, experiential 2-day program.


2. The MasterMind Roundtable brings you together with other visionaries to explore a real-life social issue and how business can provide the necessary resources to bring sustainable change. In this advanced leadership module you explore how to use your business for greater global good and what it will take to implement your vision.


On completion of these two components you become a member of our global impact group, graduating to the next level in which we assist you to implement your global engagement for greatest impact. As a group who share the desire to be active social investors, we help to inform and educate, and explore potential relationships and collaborations to utilise our businesses for exponential global change.

3. Global engagement through your mission and personal vision with practical assistance based on 25 years of service to the non-profit and corporate sectors. Draw on our expertise as advisors and mentors.

Serves: aspiring visionaries, C-suite leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, government agencies, community leaders


Benefits of Love In Action
  • Advance your social profile as a visionary and actionary

  • Clarify your vision and true purpose - it might not be what you think

  • Develop deeper resilience and wisdom

  • Bring your innate power to the fore

  • Connect with the wisdom within as your trusted advisor

  • Determine your organisation's future social value

  • Set up your organisation as a global leading light

  • Become a global leader of positive social impact


For further information contact Indira Kennedy at or call +44 (0) 7946 319 516

Wellbeing programs and retreats


Self-leadership, mindfulness and progression programs

  • Take time out to review daily work-life balance.

  • Learn mindfulness techniques and self-leadership practices that support top-tier executive life.

  • Experience our deep immersion program ~ 'The 5 Realities of a Highly Conscious Leader’.

(See the Retreats page for details)


For further information contact Indira Kennedy at or call +44 (0)7946 319 516

'Having attended the Visioning For Value Master Mind program, my eyes and mind have been opened to a level of knowing I never thought myself capable of. Going forward, I will be utilising the methods taught to me by CLA within my business as well as my daily life, to profit by improved relationships in both aspects of my life. Forever grateful.' 

Errol Stent, entrepreneur

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