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Executive Well-being and Retreats Page

Executive Events and Retreats

Getting away from the familiar and mundane is a perfect way to explore transitions and make permanent change.


Bring nurture and clarity

Explore possibilities

Ignite intuition and innovation

Adopt new behaviours and mindsets

Rejuvenate before continuing the journey​

​Create lasting leadership events

Life is a living leadership experience. What you experience becomes deeply embedded knowledge and excites wisdom into action. Reflect, explore and gain deeper insight through:


  • Team building away-days

  • Senior leadership forums

  • Leadership immersions

  • Wellbeing, mindfulness and yoga retreats

Draw on our expertise to design tailored leadership immersion programs to meet your strategic goals. We can:​


  • Provide recognised facilitators of adult action learning to conduct the sessions

  • Provide experts in leadership development

  • Create bespoke programs or tailor our existing programs
    (see Services and the Mindfulness Hub for possibilities)​

  • ​​Research and suggest event and retreat sites

  • Liaise with venue managers to ensure all logistical details go beyond your expectations​​

  • Provide expert teachers in spiritual intelligence, mindfulness, yoga and meditation




​Away-days and bespoke retreats


Examples of bespoke 'away-day' or retreat programs to draw from:

  • Executive wellbeing and energy enhancement

  • Building positive business relationships

  • Mindfulness and emotional intelligence

  • Social responsibility

  • Strategy and visioning

  • Spiritual intelligence, values and meaning at work

  • Conscious leadership skills training

  • Self-leadership and personal mastery

Retreat into the wisdom of the all-knowing creative leader within. Emerge shining at your highest and best.


Love In Action...


​How do you use business to add value to a world in need? Based on the upcoming book, Love In Action is a two-day program that explores the 'Five Realities' and 'Eight Elements' of a highly conscious leader. This program takes participants on a personal journey of self awareness, applying conscious principles to leading others and culminating in a bespoke strategy for using business for positive social impact.

Ideal for corporate leaders and entrepreneurs with a desire to uplift our world through business.


Contact us for further details.

Hindsight. Insight. Foresight.

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