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In the last six months I have received two distinguished awards for my own leadership. I was completely surprised both times and each time I was surprised by the impact they each had on me, emotionally but also energetically.

I felt a deep sense of gratitude for myself the first time - Silver for Leader Of The Year from Women Changing The World - as if in one deep emotion that filled my heart sat all that I had done in my life in service to others, the energy I had given these things. I felt compassion for myself.

The second award brought an amazement that I had been recognised from afar. I had no idea that I had been 'researched' and chosen as winner of Women Of The Decade by the Women Economic Forum. This time the genuine surprise lifted my whole energy field as if my entire being was vibrating at a whole new level. It has continued in the form of an impetus to do something valuable with these awards.

I found myself saying to close friends, 'I feel a responsibility to these awards. They are meant to do something.'

I loved excelling as a child, and have all the way through adulthood. It has become a love for self-mastery and this is what underlies all my work in Conscious leadership. Mastery of the earthly being I am through my connection with some higher intelligence. So winning book prizes as a child, or trophies as an adult, are wonderful ways of receiving appreciation, recognition, but most importantly to me a moment to remember all that I have achieved - and that is deeply meaningful to me. I can't and never will fully know the impact my service has given others. That is none of my business really.

I am compelled to keep going, to remain useful, to make my life meaningful, to add something worthwhile as my life purpose. These two great waves of unexpected delight have washed me forwards, towards a shore I am not necessarily familiar with but I am happily willing to go with their flow.


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