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​Finding the leader within

A young leader came to Indira at a workshop break. His face shone in calm wonder. The team had just been taught our contemplation process which took them from a crucial question to the answer from their true self – a wise, authentic answer.

The young leader enthused, ‘I’m in my thirties and I’m shocked to say this
is the first time I have ever thought about my purpose in life. I realise my work is more than making a living. I know what I am here to do and I am
so excited. Thank you!’


Contemplate before you communicate

Learn a formal contemplation technique that will reveal your inner knowing beyond the habits of the mind. Form powerful questions to find the best answer in the Socratic way of visioning for solutions.


Contemplating the right questions takes you into the realm beyond thought to where your higher truth lies ~ where you learn to think the unthinkable....

Use it consistently to change the quality of your leadership communication. ​Tell your story with impact.


Contact us to bring powerful answers to your crucial questions.

Conscious leadership emerges from the Wise Leader Within

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