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Making your mind your friend

A senior team leader was white and sweating with anxiety. His role was changing and he was nervous about his ability to cope. Through our Mindfulness process Indira and he uncovered his real concerns, refocused on his goals and supported his new view of himself with powerful strategies.

Greater self-awareness unleashed a huge reserve of energy and determination that created the perfect strategy for action. The leader remarked on how much ‘garbage’ he had released and how enthused he was about his future. He began his new role calm and prepared.



Mindfulness at work

Learn to experience steadiness in the eye of the storm and bring clarity to your motivations. Self-manage emotion and respond elegantly as a powerful leader. Coach your team into greater self-responsibility and engaged interaction.

Contact us to help expand your emotional intelligence (EQ) levels into a mindful culture of centered success.

Mindfulness brings clarity, strength of mind and centered emotions

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