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Letting your Heart speak

​A young leader with a new family found it hard to get home early to put his child to bed. He revealed that he was constantly ‘putting out fires’ at work and felt like he had a hundred monkeys on his back. As part of his leader-as-coach training program he was asked to keep a journal of his progress and insights as he worked with his coaching content through his week.


By taking a few moments to note his thoughts, greater awareness turned into an ability to change behaviour on the spot. He returned responsibility to its rightful owners in the team, regained a stronger alignment to his role, and was overjoyed to regularly see his son in the evenings.



Journaling clears the way​

​Learn a powerful technique to empty the mind of habitual thoughts and beliefs by revealing insights and motivations in useful hindsight. Use these new insights to bring inspired foresight to your leadership performance.


Contact us to help instill journaling as an essential tool in your potent kit of conscious leadership activities.

Hand and heart align when we pay the right attention

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