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Anchoring to your Self

A group of business bankers were training with Conscious Leadership Australia in how to have a coaching conversation. Their Area Manager was already a conscious leader in that he realised his own effectiveness relied strongly on his ability to look within himself. He wanted his own managers to experience this power. Day one explored the coaching GROW model. Day two went into the qualities of a conscious leader.


The morning began with meditation in a quiet space away from interruption. After preparing the body through deep relaxation and learning to sit comfortably, we used breathing techniques to begin to focus the mind and then slipped into silence and stillness.

One leader said as he went off to breakfast, ‘That is the most relaxed I have ever been in my life. And it has taken such a short time. I am going to keep doing this.’ The depth of enquiry that morning in our training far surpassed the ‘thinking’ the group had done the day before.

Meditation is the foundation
​Learn easy meditation techniques to enhance mindfulness and anchor the heart as the seat of wisdom. Modern medicine tells us a healthy body, mind and spirit come from the wellspring of meditation. Wellbeing at work, and fulfilment as a leader come from knowing who we are at our deepest core.

Contact us to bring meditation into your daily leadership practices and leadership retreats and discover the rich potential within.​

Conscious leaders know the core of their truth lies within their own being​​

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