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Creative Visualisation

Dreaming is creating

A team of blue-collar senior managers from the construction industry were brought to a retreat to prepare a 5 year vision for their company. Conscious Leadership Australia was engaged to provide creative visualisation sessions to open each day.

Carefully designed beforehand to address intention, current obstacles, structure and content for the retreat, the experiential sessions spent in deep relaxation allowed creative visualisation of the desired innovation journey. Bringing vision into planning enabled the leaders to make a stronger transition from the past to the future.

Planning over the two days sat strongly on the foundation of a shared inner experience that could guide the outcomes.



​Your vision made real

Envisioning your future brings your values into reality. We will assist you to set the right course and engage your leaders to bring their full creative potential to a successful outcome. ​Creative visualisation is key to a perfect performance - as any successful sports person will attest.

Contact us to help create your fulfilling future.


The potential for success is inherent in the vision

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