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How 'conscious' is your profile?

Last week I gave a talk for the Copia Club on how to plan your time from the higher perspective of a 'conscious' leader. These successful entrepreneurs didn't need a lesson in good time management. They needed tips on how to take a higher view of this elusive thing called 'time'.

I gave 5 steps on how to warp time so that time serves you well and you create the success you are destined to achieve. Rather than letting time dictate your fate, you become the master of your time.

So what has this to do with your profile?

PROFILE WHAT YOU CARE ABOUT What might seem simple – managing time - is the key to your power and your profile. Here’s an example. A recent client began to dig a little deeper into his need for more time to find new leads to generate greater income.

What emerged from our discussion was a deep desire to expand his own life and be inspired to the next level, and to sort out some business issues he was resisting. And he said he just didn't have enough time. But, taking on board the notion of honouring time and putting it to good purpose, by the end of the session he had decided a number of actions:

1. create a living legacy for organisations to benefit by sharing his business acumen

2. be an influencer amongst influencers

3. honour his past and existing clients by showing gratitude

4. spend time reflecting on what he and the business truly stand for and value

5. align himself and the business with those values

All very nice but what will all this do for the bottom line?

WHAT'S THE BUSINESS GAIN? Look at these actions and you soon see they are the values and traits of a highly 'conscious' leader. They show respect for self and others at a higher level of service. But what good will it be to him?

My client had been blaming slow business on lack of leads. What he discovered was a lack of focus grounded in deep values that also leads to great business. Here is the business win-win thinking behind each of those new actions:

1. thought leadership sets the stage as a trusted adviser and the go-to person

2. hanging out with other influencers introduces new, strong networks

3. starting with your inner circle and adding value to their lives develops trusting, raving fans who refer others to you

4. reconnecting to what matters sets true north and you know exactly how to use your time

5. sharing authentic messages draws the right crowd

DON'T WASTE YOUR PROFILE I learned from years of fundraising for non-profit organisations that people really, really care about the causes they care about - not much about others, at least to the point of parting with their money. So don't try to be slathered all over the sports stadiums unless you matter to a million people. Be humble enough to shine only where those who need you can see you - and will value you by paying you. Shape your profile around what you value, who you value and how you spend your time on what you value. When you do this a new kind of power kicks in for you - the one Goethe is talking about in this quote:

'At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.’


Indira Kennedy is doing important work that most business owners overlook. Most business owners are so focused on the outputs - getting more leads, getting more customers and increasing profits - that they forget the importance of what they input. Indira's work helps business owners look at the bigger picture and take a more holistic approach, which is critical for anyone serious about growing their business.

Dan Dobos, Founder & CEO,


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