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What Is Your State Of Mind?


In leadership development we use personality profiles to diagnose potential and behaviour, but do you know how to diagnose your thoughts?

Three states of mind make up our menu of choice. Here's a simple method of identifying your own state of mind drawn from yogic understanding of the mind:

1. Inertia, apathy, insensitiveness, indifference

2. Uncontrolled, busy, desiring, worrying, criticising, frustration

3. Calm, resourceful, compassionate, harmonious, selfless

The third state of course is the one to aim for, and one state leads to the other as we learn to recognise and change the energy of our thoughts.

The main thing is not to take action based on the first two. Change them into the more resourceful actions that come from a resourceful mind.


The quality of steady wisdom arises from mindfulness practised as a natural stance. 'Easy posture, easy breath', as my own teacher says. The mind and the breath are inextricably linked, so what is going on in the mind shows in the breath and vice versa - something a leader can greatly benefit from knowing.

Said another way, if you are struggling to find a wise approach under pressure take an easy open posture, release the breath and allow a natural flow in and out for a moment, focus on your heart instead of your head... see what answer arises then speak.


Conscious leadership and innovation requires an ability to go beyond the machinations of the mind and access the wise one within that lies in the still resonance of who we truly are. EQ is well and good, but personal power lies in the mastery that comes from the ability to listen and look beyond the mind.

Listen to my own experience that taught me I am not my mind at:

Click on the audio link.

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